Our Services

Clients seek our counsel when they need help on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Finding new ways to reach audiences through digital technology
  • Designing research studies that provide actionable insights
  • Hiring and training effective salespeople
  • Acquiring and coaching the right on-air talent
  • Conducting research to find the right music format
  • Developing an aligned strategy for a cluster of media outlets
  • Figuring out how to engage audiences in the “connected car“
  • Generating qualified sales leads

We provide unvarnished feedback and smart solutions. With more than three decades of experience in a variety of competitive situations, we have an impeccable track record of success.

Our Clients

Our clients are diverse, ranging from family-owned radio stations in small communities to the industry’s largest media companies with holdings in the top ten markets. Size does not matter because so many of our clients’ challenges are universal in scope.

We work with:

  • Commercial radio stations
  • Public radio stations
  • Television stations
  • Syndicated on-air talent
  • Local radio morning shows
  • Podcasters and podcast networks
  • Broadcasting associations
  • Other companies in the broadcasting and media space