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How Do You Make a Small Radio?

Radio, we all listen to this word in our life from our elders. When the television has not invented the source of news, sports and music was only the radio. They just need to set the frequency and after that, they start to listen to the words.

Radio stations broadcast signals into the air around us. For the radio AM waves, we need some simple electronic parts i.e. wire, paper tube and a speaker. Building a radio is very easy and it doesn’t require any soldering.

So, what is the way to create a simple radio?

  • Magnet wire: For making a small radio need a magnet wire which should be 400 feet of 26 gauge. You can also purchase them online.
  • Alligator Leads: You also need one set of alligator leads with clips at each end.
  • Glue stick and Electrical tape: For easier winding that needs a glue stick and electronic tape.
  • One Diode: Diodes also known as germanium diodes are also required for making a small radio.
  • Telephone Handset: You need a telephone handset with a cord. If you don’t have one then you can find one at thrift stores or garage sales.
  • One Board: For mounting your radio you need one board. It should be 2 feet by 2 feet work.

How to build a simple radio?

Step 1:

Take magnet wire and wind around the glue stick until it covers the entire cylinder. When you are covering it make sure that wire should be tight. On each end leave about six inches wire. Once the winding process is complete than both end tape of the cylinder to make sure the wire holds. After it, mount the coil to the board with electrical tape.

Step 2:

Now the left wire from each end of the coil uses it for strip ends. Use sandpaper or wire stripping pliers. This wire is very thin so do all the processes very carefully.

Step 3:

In the third step attach a wire from the right side of the coil to one end of your diode. The connection should be taped.

Step 4:

Now cut the end of the phone cord about two inches. Strip those two wires who are exposing. Do it very carefully because the wire is thin. Tape the connections which are at the end of the diode. If your phone cord has four wires instead of two then you have to figure out which two from them are working.

broadcast signals

You can take a 9-volt battery and place one cord against the positive pole of the battery and with the negative one. You will find the combination that makes clicking the sound in the headset.

Step 5:

Connect the second telephone wire with the green wire coming from the left side of the coil. Tape all the three wires together; these are alligator lead, telephone wire and the wire coming from the left side of the coil.

Step 6:

Antenna has an important part in radio so make your antenna by clipping and connect lead wires to one of the ends of the 22- gauge magnet wire.

Step 7:

The wire wrapped around the glue stick on the thin strip. You can do it with any sharp object.

By these steps, you can easily build a small radio at home.