Can you Get a Dashcam Without Wires?

Are you looking for a wireless dash cam? Let me clear your mind: there is no wireless dash cam available in the market or not online. There is a lot of doubt among us about the wireless dashcam. There are a few ways of transforming a dashcam into wireless.  But these kind dash cams have an in-built battery and have a short life.

Wireless Dashcam: Huge Falsehood

Getting a dash cam without wires is possible with the capacitor. The only use of these kinds of dash cams is to save a video instantly while you turn off your car and your dashcam loses the power from the car. It is only used for a very short time. The only reason for the short time limit is a very small size of the capacitor that is only able to provide charge for a few minutes. 


The only medium of wireless dash cam to share or send video footage is an internet connection that easily can connect to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. While if we talk about providing additional power to the dash cam, you can use a cigarette lighter or USB port that helps the dash cam while your car is on or off. This makes an automated system for a dash cam to start and stop recording. 

Drawback of Hard-Wiring

The only drawback of this kind of dashcam is the higher price of gadgets and the short life of the battery. The higher price is the only reason you do not get any online sale on wireless dashcam. Few companies also offer you the bigger size and life of the battery, but it would not work for constant use, for ease of usage you must have to charge it constantly. Another way to charge is to take out the dashcam from the car and bring it inside your home and charge it.


Some people also find a practical way of a wireless dash cam with the use of GoPro or action camera as their dashcam. 

As our technology changes day by day, it can be a possibility in the future to improve the wireless dash cam with that charge itself wirelessly without having to be charged in your car. As of now, I reckon using the traditional method for a dashcam.