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How To Store Vinyl Records

Finding and buying vinyl records is only half the battle. You also need to store them properly and keep them clean using the best vinyl record cleaning kit. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully enjoy quality music, as well as sell a collectible item for the maximum possible amount. Here are some tips to help you keep the record and the original packaging.

Storage conditions


For a home collection, it is desirable to maintain a room temperature or even slightly lower temperature. This is usually 15 to 25 ° C. Be sure to keep records away from heating radiators, stoves, and other heat sources. Temperature fluctuations are also harmful. It must be stable. Only minor fluctuations are allowed.

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It is important to ensure minimal exposure to any type of lighting. Direct sunlight is especially dangerous for vinyl. Ultraviolet light can damage the plate in just a few minutes. That’s why it’s not worth posting on the windowsill. It is best to store them in a dark place, such as a closet.


The plates should be stored in a dry environment (35-40% relative humidity). To check this indicator, it is desirable to use a special device – a hygrometer. It is inexpensive, but very useful for collectors.


Do not store records in a horizontal position. As a result, the tracks on the discs are damaged and scratched. Storage – only vertical. Since the standard height of the envelope is exactly 32 centimeters, the distance between the shelves should not exceed 33 centimeters. It will not be superfluous to use thin plastic sheets to divide the records by year, genre or artist.


The structural integrity of the plate can be disturbed due to strong vibration. Therefore, it is desirable not to arrange the collection near the washing machine, powerful sound speakers and other sources of vibration.

vinyl records

Static electricity

To protect against static electricity, use wooden or plastic shelves instead of metal ones. Make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of all the plates.


Avoid placing the collection in places where there is a risk of water damage. Although vinyl itself is relatively water resistant, it can damage the original packaging. Envelopes are the main source of protection for disks from dust. Envelopes are mostly made of paper and plastic, they can be easily found on sale. The most reliable and durable envelopes made of PVC plastic and thick porous paper. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find such envelopes: they have not been produced for a long time and have not been sold separately from the records.